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The Kitty Tango is an upcoming animated short by RPR Studios! The Burtonesque tale follows a young girl who discovers her lazy cat has a penchant for dancing late at night—and no one believes it!

Perfect for Halloween, download the original music on iTunes!

Watch episode two of “A Spirit Story" - out today!

Since the implementation of the ‘Lunch Money Policy’ at a school in Salt Lake City, Utah, where a school official can take away a child’s lunch if the parents are short on the students lunch account, this policy has now become a part of everyday life…

"Lunch Money" is the first short of the RPR Comics sector of RPR Studios. 

Episode two is coming… Tune in to A Spirit Story!

Well stay tuned for the newest episode in the Recess Research series premiering this week!

Power to Push is the name the Evans family has given to their “vacation” next summer. With the rest of the family forming the support team, ultra-marathoner, Shaun Evans, plans to run from Seattle to New York City, pushing his son Shamus—who was born with cerebral palsy. Or as Shaun likes to say, Shamus will be pulling him across the country.

The run will benefit the charity Ainsley’s Angels RPR Studios will be working to raise money for Power to Push. RPR Studios will also be documenting the family’s year-long effort to prepare for the run and the run itself.

Follow the link to see a story on Power to Push produced by CBS6 in Albany, NY.

Check out our newest animated short, Gloomy Day on RPR Youth!

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Have a transparent rabbit spirit from A Spirit Story on your blog! 


A Spirit Story is an animated short that I co-created and illustrated! Watch episode one here!

Watch out for the dreaded necromancers on RPR Studios’ A Spirit Story series! Check it out now!

Watch the very first episode of A Spirit Story on our RPR Digital channel!

RPR Studios is proud to continue the adventures of the Recess Research team in an all-new animated short! Last month’s episode was all about the game tag and why it’s important to have in school (allegedly). This time around, we’re exploring the possible (yet unlikely) history of an age-old and much beloved game, Hot Lava! Check it out on our kids channel now!